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Mission Statement

Global Voices is a non-for-profit program that uses the power of art and language to promote cross-cultural understanding and good will between American middle and high school students and their peers around the world.


 « Global Voices »  برنامح غير ربحي ، يستخدم قوة الفن واللغة لتعزيز التفاهم بين الثقافات وحسن النية بين الطلاب الأمريكيين ذوي المستوى الإعدادي و الثانوي  ونظرائهم في جميع أنحاء العالم.


« Global Voices » est un programme à but non lucratif qui utilise la force de l'art et du langage pour promouvoir le rapprochement interculturel et la bonne volonté entre les élèves américains des collèges et des lycées  et ceux du reste du monde.





Global Voices es un programa sin fines de lucro ,que usa el poder del arte e idioma para promover el entendimiento intercultural y la buena voluntad entre alumnos Americanos de varias escuelas secundarias y sus compañeros alrededor del mundo.




Global Voices: Music

“Over 8 days, in 5 different cities, Michael Miles interacted with over 2000 Moroccans through workshops and public events, most them young students who had never met an American.  For those 2000 people Miles was the face of America.   Musicians like Michael MIles are among the best Ambassadors that the United States can have.”  
  - Elisabeth Millard, Consul General, Morocco 

“We have read your email and we are thrilled by your ideas! We are ready to start planning together and sharing more ideas. Having students of different cultures in both your and our school will be a very important attribute.  Maybe it will be a good idea to modulate a western piece into the oriental maqam, what do you think?”

- Lara Molaeb, Music Teacher, Beirut, Lebanon


Global Voices Initiative:  Music

The music component of the Global Voices Initiative seeks to create musical exchanges with US students and those in other countries.  The premise is to sidestep the language barriers that may separate cultures and join them together through the true universal language of music.   


This is accomplished through email exchanges, pre-recorded video exchanges and live Skype exchange as a culminating event.   The students learn about the each others' countries and have the truly exciting experience of musical exchanges with students of similar ages in countries and cultures thousands of miles away.   No ability to speak each other’s languages is required to share music.


2010-2011 School Year Statistics

720 student participants, aged 7-18

23 teacher participants  

3 countries:  US, Morocco, Lebanon

3 Illinois cities:  Chicago, Niles, Lincolnwood 

2 cities outside US:  Beirut, Casablanca


Participating Schools and Organizations
Rutledge Hall, LIncolnwood IL

Passages Charter School, Chicago IL

Murphy School, Chicago IL

Niles North High School, Skokie IL

Wellspring Learning Community, Beirut, Lebanon

Riad School, Casablanca, Morocco

American University in Beirut

Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL


More Information

Global Voices Initiative is a not-for-profit organization.  Please contact Michael Miles directly for more information about the music component of the Global Voices Initiative.  


CHICAGO: Students send greetings to Morocco
CHICAGO:  Students from Murphy School Chorus
sing to the students at the Riad School in Casablanca 


CHICAGO:  Highlights of live Skype exchange between Niles North HS and Riad School in Morocco.

BEIRUT:  Michael Miles with student performance

BEIRUT:  Students perform  "Shhh Walaw."  

BEIRUT:   the Western and the Oriental Scale.  

MARRAKESH:  Michael Miles speaks in Morocco with Arabic translation

CASABLANCA:  Students from Riad School in Casablanca, perform for students in Chicago.